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03 January 2016

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25 January 2015

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24 February 2014

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09 August 2013

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20 April 2013

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09 September 2012

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“MR.KITO has gotten into their stride with this album and it is a must for any serious audiophile!  Bravo!!!”

Very Cool Tunes

“In Time” is another favourite, with its distinctive synth sounds and honest lyrics. I love how the songs evolves from its simple beginnings into a dense and atmospheric electronic track, adding a truly diverse touch to the album.”


“There is no doubt in our minds that MR.KITO is an amazing Artist!”

Victoria Olivera – Rock Revolt Magazine

“We are thoroughly impressed. What I’m diggin’ about his sound is the fresh, not-like-the-rest indie/alt-rock sound he has going on. Eric’s melodic songwriting talent come through with his ability to write some catchy hooks and melodies, all the while keeping the energy of the track up and moving.”


“Alexander The Great” is a revolutionary expression of alternative styles fused with modern innovation.”

Glitter & Stilettos

“The State Of Presence is a breathtaking, must own, unique work of art. It will be an album you will not grow weary of hearing. MR.KITO cuts through the noise and lets the sun shine in.”

Fourculture Magazine

“This album showcases a great focus on production details and a lot of sonic variety, with songs such as “Alexander the great” standing out for some truly memorable vocal harmonies and catchy melodies.”

The Bandcamp Diaries

Latest News

Latest News


3 x nominations at the 2016 IMEA Awards (USA)
– Alternative Album Of The Year
– Alternative Artist Of The Year
– Record label Of The Year

3 x nominations at the 2015 IMEA Awards (USA)
– Alternative Album Of The Year
– Alternative Song Of The Year
– Record label Of The Year

“Rock song of the year” at the 2014 IMEA Awards (USA)


Connecting the essence of an individual with its human condition & finding freedom in all experience

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